Edit tracking keyframes button in GMASK Tracer

Can someone give me a real world example of how you use the “Edit Tracking Keyframes” button in Gmail Tracer.

My understanding is that it’s the equivalent of the ‘ueber key’ as Mocha and others call it. Itms supposed to apply any change to all existing keyframes, rather than doing it one at a time.

That said, it’s less transparent and I’ve mixed results. So I’m looking forward to more detailed explanations so I can fill in my own gaps.

Part of it is that Flame has multiple automation channels, and this obviously only targets certain ones.

There are multiple channels of data for vertices and UV. Each has a channel that contains the data when you use surface tracking and separate channels for manipulation of the vertices and UV’s; four channels in all. When the Verices button is on and the Edit Track Channel is off, the slider boxes input data to the Vertices channel. When the Edit Track channel is turned on, the boxes input data to the tracking vertices channel. Also, when the Edit Tracking Chn box is off, manually moving the onscreen corner will move the vertices, and when it is on, manually manipulation is entered into the Tracking Vertices. Channel. The same applies to the UV and Tracking UV channels, except that manuall manipulation of the onscreen icons will take you back to Verices or Tracking Vertices channel… I don’t know why. I often wish I could manipulate the UV channels by hand. In any event, I rarely manipulate the tracking channels after I have tracked. I usually fine tune with the vertices, hense I hardly ever use it. It is similar in the Gmask tracking as well. There is just no UV channels.
The tracking channels can be used as global offsets to animated vertices, as @Allklier suggested, but in my opinion, that’s not their intended use. Why @johnag’s Gmail is in the equation, I don’t know


Thanks for that explanation, that connects more dots.

And that means while this can be used to emulate a ueber key under the right circumstances, but it’s not the same.

In apps like Mocha, Nuke, Si the ueber key when enabled actually applies the change you are making to all existing keyframes across the entire range rather than single key frame as usual. An easy way to modify an existing roto, etc.

Yes, this does not change existing keyframes. It only offsets them with an additional channel, but at the vertices level, rather than an axis.

I guess in Flame if you want to change multiple existing keyframes you can do that in the animation editor. But it’s not as intuitive or efficient while rotoing something.

Feature request: UBER KEY

Combustion had it…

I think it should be a selection in the Edit Box to adjust a single frame or ripple through the entire animation, either forward, backward or both.

That would be slick and intuitive.