Editing /etc/exports and auto_master on MacOS

I am introducing a third system into the mix and I am unable to edit the files /etc/exports or /etc/auto_master

My notes have a few changes that need to be made to those files to get project sharing to work right between all the systems.

The only difference between this machine is this new one will not let me edit these system files.
I have tired “sudo nano” and “sudo vi” commands.

The other two systems (mac pros 2019) let me edit the files just fine.
This third system (2017 iMac pro) unable to edit the files.

anyone seen this?
All systems running MacOS 12.6.2

Hello MagicMtn!

You must not have administrator permissions with the user you run with on the third system. Maybe root user is not configured?

On a side note, when installing Flame Family 2023.2 Update, these files are now created by default like they used to be before Flame Family 2022 has been released and that macOS updates decided to remove these files…

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Admin access or he file may be immutable? When you ls -al the path, do you see a ‘schg’ in the results?

If it is present you can try the following:

sudo chflags noschg /etc/exports
sudo vi /etc/exports

Yes, Thank you.