Would someone be able to help me with a hot key assignment? I’m using 2021 w/Smoke hotkeys. I want to be able to CTL drag around points in a gmask tracer node to select them. I can’t for the life of me find where/how to assign the drag part of this equation. Thanks!!

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That should work by default when you create a new user profile. The shortcut assigned to this is named “Rectangle Selection” in the Keyboard Shortcut editor; you may want to check if it is still assigned to Ctrl-Click.


I just needed to reset it. Thanks Fred!!!


This exact thing happened to me a while back. Make sure to have the Default Shortcut Profile set to Smoke Classic in the Flame Setup. For some reason, at least with me, it was set to Flame, and was overriding the hotkeys. Once I changed it to SmokeClassic, hotkeys worked as expected.