Elgato stream deck

Just curious if anyone has a streamdeck and if they find it useful in flame to simplify the processes, I would be on a linux so not sure if its any different

I got one. I use it to launch apps, custom hotkeys, fire off python scripts, hue lights, Spotify playback, volume, smart switches. Next on my list is to integrate it with another app, can’t recall the name of it, Keyboard Wizard? …that creates dated folders with a button press.

great can you use it to say do multiple things in flame , say click a button and export based on some setting, or run a script in flame that would do that?

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I have the mini, I use it with my windows streaming setup for the second screen from flame, it’s great for when I do postings single click opens everything I need. Also handy when you have a video call to single click to launch obs and start. Not sure about the Linux experience. To be clear I don’t use it within flame to automate anything in flame

think of it as buttons for hotkeys. and it can open and launch some programs. so, hit a button, opens a terminal, types flame, hits enter, waits 15 secs, hits enter again, sets the Hue lights to Red October vibes, turns on a Spotify playlist.

in Flame, anything that is hotkeyable is Streamdeckable. Export Presets? Create a little Python script that calls a specific Export Preset and set it to Control Shift Alt E R W T F or whatever, and have a Streamdeck button do it to it.

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that pretty great thanks alan that was helpful. Just curious what actions so far in flame have you found useful to map to streamdeck?

I had one. And sent it back. It was too strange. I like being able to just use the Wacom for everything.

Has anyone got his working in Centos?