Macro Device - Loupedeck? StreamDeck?

Looking for opinions…

I’ve been using an X-Keys 20 key pad to run keystroke macros for 15 years and it just died on me. I’m considering getting another, but then I saw there are two LCD button based devices that do similar stuff. I’m curious if any of you out there use either a Stream Deck or a LoupeDeck with Flame and would like to share the experience…


I would highly recommend the Streamdeck. Works great on Mac in combination with Keyboard Maestro. Be warned though you can lose days once you go down this particular rabbit hole.

I have a few videos of this stuff on my Youtube.

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Streamdeck is the way to go.

Just watched the video, Alan. Companion looks amazing, and very much like the rabbit hole in the rabbit hole! Nice! Thanks for posting stuff like that. I also find it hysterical you did that before you even HAD the Streamdeck. Excellent!

And thanks to you guys for the unanimous endorsement, much appreciated.

Hello Alan, it’s been a while since you post this so I wanted to ask you i

Has anybody tried this with stream deck? no rocky installer but has centos7.