Error "A key appears to be stuck"

I installed the 2022 trial last night and all day today I’ve been receiving the error “A key appears to be stuck. Please release COMMAND to continue”.

I’m on a brand new iMac 27", Apple Magic Keyboard, brand new Wacom Intuos Pro, MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3

Any ideas how to make this go away?

UGH. That was fixed in the 2021 release. By any chance, are you only seeing it when you command-tab to another app and then back into flame?

Yes, I’ve been using command-tab to go between tutorials and the application.

I’ll fire up 2022 on my Mac and see if I see it. I don’t recall seeing during the beta.

I am getting “a key appears to be stuck, Please release PRINT to continue”. I’ve tried toggling that and all other keys and nothing seems to release it. I’m on Flame 2021.2. Any suggestions short of rebooting?

Was this a known issue? Was it fixed in later releases? Not a big problem when sitting in front of the mac but it can be debilitating when using remote access. Using Flame 2020.3.1. Mac OSX 10.15.7

Some Flame 2019 on OS X Mac users have found that Wacom driver 6.3.22-3 does not exhibit this problem.

The driver has improved the situation but the error message still pops up. It then quickly disappears. Progress.

A reboot seemed to fix it and it never came back, super strange.

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I get this every single time I tab out of flame and go back.
No matter the version of flame at least a few different Wacom drivers(2 diff tablets), diff versions of MacOS and previously OSX, trash can to 2019 MacPro etc, etc, etc…. Lol

Same here, and also when using a mac to teradici in a linux (currently with a pc keyboard, but also true with mac apple keyboard if i remember correctly)

Same here. Flame 2022 on iMac Pro macOS 10.15.7 and 11.5.