Wacom input sticks/lags problem

Hi all,

My linux flame has started exhibiting unwanted wacom behaviour since our latest update. The stylus icon appears to get stuck and only unsticks itself if I press Tab and then all the clicks I did after it got stuck then activate. This is especially a PITA when in Paint or GMasking.

Latest update upgraded the OS with a fresh install of Centos 7.6, copied project & db from previous ver, DKU 16, then fresh install of software & disabled touch input for Wacom.
Happening in all versions from 2019.1 on.

Any help muchly appreciated,


Edit: Intuos5 Touch PTH-850 tablet. Also does it when I use the PTK-640.

Hmm. Never heard of that. I’m gonna go out on a limb and ask could this be a coincidence? Got another pen to try?

Not a pen thing, am using a fresh out of the packet pen.

Shift+T+Ins also does not make it go away

Forgot to mention it’s the Intuos 5 Touch PTH-850 model.

Hmm. New flame user? Is it being extended at all?

@BrentonC I’ve been getting the same issue since 2019…

Looks like the latest 2020.0.1 update fixes the issue, not had a chance to upgrade and confirm but its listed in Autodesk’s release notes (Here) -

“Hardware FLME-57357 The ability to perform mouse pointer interactions can be intermittently lost when using Flame on CentOS 7.6.”

@Collict thanks for the heads up, just installed and initial impressions are promising. Now to head into paint/roto cleanup land and put it to the test!

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