Error message

This is a new one on me, getting this weird message in a shell: Linear solver failure. Failed to compute a step. Eigen failure. Unable to perform dense Cholesky factorization

What happens if you try a execute a sparse Cholesky factorization? Do you still get the error?

I believe it requires a reciprocation to the dingle arm to replenish solosonal remudiation.

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I think I saw this guy at the Grass Valley booth at NAB ‘95.

is he explaining how flames dve works?


I’d love to spend a whole day talking like this.

I’m crying. I could watch this all day, every day. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s obvious that your linear solver has failed.

I’d suggest running your render with the backup quadratic solver enabled (and the linear solver in bypass).

The Turbo Encabulator was created by a 1944 UK grad student!

Bud Haggart’s versions are legendary but the 1997 Rockwell / Mike Kraft “Retro Encabulator” video is my favorite. OMG, every time he opens one of the panel doors… that is supposed to assure me the tech is legit?

Kills me every time!

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Sounds like every hair and beauty advert I’ve ever seen!

Brilliant! :joy:

I loved this. Rockwell is headquartered in my home town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I about lost it when he mentioned the “dingle arm”.