Error message

This is a new one on me, getting this weird message in a shell: Linear solver failure. Failed to compute a step. Eigen failure. Unable to perform dense Cholesky factorization

What happens if you try a execute a sparse Cholesky factorization? Do you still get the error?

I believe it requires a reciprocation to the dingle arm to replenish solosonal remudiation.

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I think I saw this guy at the Grass Valley booth at NAB ‘95.

is he explaining how flames dve works?


I’d love to spend a whole day talking like this.

I’m crying. I could watch this all day, every day. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sounds like every hair and beauty advert I’ve ever seen!

Brilliant! :joy:

I loved this. Rockwell is headquartered in my home town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I about lost it when he mentioned the “dingle arm”.

So it’s just happened again!

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