Exotic resolution of Grant's tutorials


checking the resolution of Grants very helpful tuts in VLC-player a resolution of 1152 x 720 @ 30fps is indicated.

Does somebody know why 1152 x 720 @ 30fps is Grants “preferred” resolution ?

Thank’s a lot!


  • my idea was that Youtube does automatically convert everything to 16:9 during upload.
  • surprisingly this resolution is not even selectable in Flame…

I’m pretty sure Grant’s tutorials are made at 1920x1080. Almost any resolution is possible in flame up to a certain size (which I think is in the 5 digit range by now)

That was the resolution of the footage and I think it was shot on one of the RED cameras.

There was no other reason for working with this resolution at the time.

Hope that helps!


Now I remember that I downloaded the mp3 to hdd and watched it afterwards (offline) with VLC. Probably a conversation happed during the dowload…