Export from Animation Curves

Is there any way to export curve information from the Animation curve editor? Trying to export timing from a timeline TW to give to Nuke to retime a track with.

It’s just timing key frames with a linear curve between them but we’re apparently coming up with some issues.

What I have been doing is copying the curve from Timewarp into the x channel of an axis in Action.

You can export RAW data from Action and then use that file.

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When I’ve had to do this in the past (to maya not nuke admittedly) I stuck the key frames I wanted on position.x of an axis and exported an fbx. Worked a treat.

If you’re having interpolation issues in nuke, you might try baking the curve in flame before you export.


Baking the timing curve is the way to go. Either that or cutting it into single frame edits and sending them an edl. That’s hitting it with a pretty big hammer, but it gives you hard data of where every frame belongs in a format both systems understand (timecode). But I don’t know nuke very well, so it might not be edl friendly. You could also pass along a clip with source metadata burned in to test and confirm with.

Thanks guys, I’ll give that a go.

Exporting the RAW data and then converting it to .txt as explained below worked! Thanks guys!