Exporting Tiff sequences

hey all. trying to export my sequence as a tiff sequence - it has an embedded alpha channel. select 16bit tiffs. my source is 16bit. but it keeps saying its too high. only way to get it to work is to select 8 bit. which is no good. any ideas how to export 16 bit tiffs with alpha channels?it works if there isn’t an alpha channel. I made the alpha by making a matte container (only way I know to make a clip with embedded alpha!)

In batch, create a writefile node, add your front and matte to the appropriate connections and export as multi-channel. It should do the trick. You can also probably do the same with a render node, then export the render. I always use batch to embed an alpha. I have a longstanding request for a desktop button to do this, but so far no luck


Thanks. Yes that what I’m doing. But I don’t understand why you can’t do it properly from the desktop.

Matte containers are virtually unchanged since the 90’s. Much more emphasis has been on (and rightly so) multi-channel clips. Sadly, there has never been a way to create them other than in batch, hence my 2 year old request.