Export Camera to C4D

Does anyone know a trick for exporting a FBX camera to C4D?

I’ve had issues importing cameras from C4D in the past but managed to figure it out.
But I’m getting no luck exporting a camera, the FOV and position in space looks wrong.


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@Grant ?

I don’t have an answer for you but I would like to know what you did to get your camera from C4D into Flame as I was trying to do this just a few days ago and could not figure it out.

It was a while ago, and was trial and error to get it working.
But it ended being something in the Film Back section in Flame, where I was able to invert one of the values and that fixed it.

I think I have got the flame to c4d camera working, it looks close.

I made sure I had a keyframe on the first and last frame so that when you export the fbx and it bakes animation nothing weird happens.

Then in C4D, the values of the camera need switching around.
The FOV from Flame imports into the FOV (horizontal ), instead this needs to go in the FOV (vertical).
Then when I did this the focal length was correct.

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Hi! I got that working after some in depth testing. I’ll try to dig out my notes & post back. Unfortuntately I can’t do that right now as submerged in deadlines🙄

In fact here’s a quick copy paste of my notes😊…don’t know if this makes much sense but I got the results in the end & I hope u do too! There was some head scratching. Happy to come back to it when I’ve got more time


Thanks for the reply Grant.

Yes it seems to be the FOV from Flame needs to go into the FOV (Vertical) in C4D.

It appears to be lining up now, with a 1 frame slip as well.


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Cool. glad it’s working for you😊

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