Flame Feedback requests implemented in Flame 2024

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the list of requests submitted at flamefeedback.autodesk.com that have been implemented in Flame 2024.
Thanks to all of you who are using this platform.

FI-00395 Batch: Copy Resizing method when performing a T-Click

FI-00459 Burn-In Metadata: Ability to burn the Batch / BFX Iteration information.

FI-00674 Burn-in Metadata: Improvement to existing features.

FI-00864 Batch Paint: Ability to select multiple strokes at once.

FI-00917 Batch Paint: Show the visual representation for the affected range in the Paint menu

FI-00936 Batch Paint: Add buttons for Autopaint channels (Start, End) in the user interface

FI-01003 Batch Paint: Update image while dragging in the Opacity field

FI-01068 Batch Paint: List keyboard shortcut in brush mode contextual menu

FI-01083 Batch Paint: Add the Saved buffer function available in Desktop Paint

FI-01138 Batch Paint: Ability to tracks paint strokes.

FI-01139 Batch Paint: Add Priority buttons in edit mode

FI-01816 Batch Paint: Ability to rotate the Source in smaller increments

FI-01842 Burn-In Metadata: Display Frame / TC out in addition to in.

FI-01958 Paint: Add a preference to set the default status of Consolidate

FI-02004 Conform: Generate virtual sources with BITC metadata for unlinked (missing) material

FI-02290 Burn-In Metadata: Add Background Index without using Shot Name or Name.

FI-02396 Burn-in Metadata: Burn Tools / Timeline FX values

FI-02400 Burn-in Metadata: Add Sound File name

FI-02488 Burn-in Metadata: Add Tokens and update metadata in Batch

FI-02778 Batch: Keep all connections to a multi-channel clip when a setup is loaded and the media is missing.

FI-02808 Timeline: Allow sequences to start at any other frame than 1

FI-02834 Workflow: Add a mean to display timecode information without the need to add a Burn-In Metadata Timeline FX

FI-02879 Conform: Update segment colour when updating sources sequence

FI-02885 Conform Tab: sticky setting for Preview visibility: turn off once, and it stays off

FI-02898 Paint: Save the state of the Consolidate button in a Brush set.

FI-02918 Conform: Ability to filter out the hidden segments from the list view

FI-02929 Player: Display Metadata inside the Player Window

FI-02945 Python API: Add support for Render/Write File’s Smart Replace in Batch


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These are all some very appreciated updates, well done everyone


2004 sounds interesting. (not say the rest arent interesting and appreciated) Will have to try this out.

This is what I come for here!


Hey @fredwarren
quick question about FL-00917 “Show visual representation for the affected range in the Paint menu”

Is it possible to see this in the timebar for ALL paint strokes? Currently it seems i can only select each paint stroke individually in the Edit submenu to surface a timebar indicator. It would be AMAZING if functionality exists to see all paint strokes and what frame they originated on.

thanks for all the great work on this release. some really useful and awesome workflow enhancements.

pour one out for me in VEGAS and FLAME ON!!!

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