Flame 2023 - Rocky Linux - rtx 3090 - non DKU video driver?

“Gaming card” ? really? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

on windows site its studio drivers and I would not call RTX 3090 just a gaming card. I use it everyday with DaVinci Resolve/ Fusion and Softimage XSI - looking into learning more about Flame to see if I can integrate it into my pipeline -

why can’t you provide more details on the issue? why can’t you be more transparent about information like this. If there are “very good reasons”, don’t you think you should share this with us?

It’s incredibly important information and its frustrating that users have to go out of their way and spend their money and time to find things out themselves.


Oooorrrr, you can just go with approved cards.

I too would be interested in hearing the negatives of the 3090 and cards like it. From the community benchmarks it looks like the 3090 (and presumably the 3090 ti) might be the fastest card for flame even beating the A6000 (prob due to faster memory??). The lines seem to be blurring between gaming and professional cards these days.

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I don’t know about Flame because I am just starting to gather all the info and to try demo version - but I think there could be a benchmark that tests all aspects of Flame function to see if certain driver/card combo passes this test. I don’t know if something like this could be cooked up by the community here especially now that Flame looks to be more open to smaller studios and individuals. I have a feeling that Flame can follow the path of what Resolve became open and easy to access by most.

It works now but I dont get a proper “icon” for Blender… how did you installed it?