Flame 2024 M1 Max MacBookPro ProRes Stops Working

I have just installed Flame 2024 on my M1MacBook Pro 16" 64GB Ram - OS Montery v12.01 . Installed fine, runs perfectly, but since the install some ProRes files do not open in Flame OR in finder. Previous exports, mattes generated from Runway no longer open. Open it in Finder and it’s just black. I need to do some more searching to see if it’s a particular setting within these files but has anyone else seen this???

I’d start with updating to the latest Monterey: 12.6.

Yep. That’ll do it. Didn’t think of that. Thank you!!!

@mikeysmith please let us know if all good on your side. If not, please open a support ticket.

The Mac OS update fixed it. Thank for following it up.

Thanks for the quick update and happy to hear you are back on track.