Mac slow performance on Flame2024

Hi, guys

Is anyone experiencing annoying issues running Flame 2024 on Mac Studio M1 Ultra chips?
I’ve got a brand new M1 Ultra Mac Studio and Promise RAID with Flame 2024 fresh installation. And there were two main annoying issues.

One is Flame opened really slow, it seems struggle to preserving SynColor transforms for quit long time. And after I click start project, volumemgt initialising is really slow too. (Slower than linux flame which I used before.)

Second is after I drag any shared project file or batch setting from another Flame(2021.1), whatever I render any clip, if drag the clip to other reels or delete it, even delete that batch setting, Flame will freeze for seconds. If multi clips flame will freeze longer. I find this solution blew will fix my second problem. However, if I drag file again, problem still happens.,and%20removing%20any%20stale%20processes

Luckly it doesn’t affect my work too much. Is there anyone have any idea to fix it?

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I’m on Mac Studio M1 and don’t see these issues. Main difference though is I use the internal HD for flame storage. Could your RAID be trying to use 1G network instead of 10G?

Could be this


Do you have more than network interface enabled on your Mac? If yes, are they on different IP subnets/VLANs? Flame could be trying to connect on the wrong network and waiting for a timeout.

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RAID use thunderbolt connect to Mac.

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Hi Tao,
I have had your problem you described in the first part in the past and restarting the machine solved the problem. Have a try. (I used to leave the machine running without restarting it for weeks in the past)

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@Francesco.Bianco Already restart for several times. @val might right, guess it’s DNS problem, I find this, after I reconfiguration DNS to router, Flame 2024 definitely start faster than before, still slower than Flame 2021 which installed on old Inter iMac with much more old projects. The second problem remains.

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