Flame Client review over RGS and Sharing Screen with Google Meet

Ok so I know that Flame on mac supports NDI, but not on linux(centos)? I can’t seem to find a good way to have a client session when remoting into my machine in the office over RGS and say having to share that screen with google meet. The video plays down fine but audio will not even when in ALSA. It seems that what actually gets shared is the linux OS with flame showing, but that won’t provide audio as that is coming directly from flame.

Curious to know what others are doing in a similar situation or if there are specific programs dedicated to this for Flame on Linux.

We have this working over Linux / Teradici, but frankly I’ve found video playback and screen updating to be very bad when screensharing the Flame into Meet. It stutters like crazy, or flat out doesn’t update when I’m before/after’ing. For any serious client interactive work we are using Sohonet. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but that’s where we are.

if its a physical machine, I would recommend using the aja/bm output into some other box that you can then use to share/stream/whatever. could be a encoder box could be another machine running OBS and so on.

Ive build my own streaming solution but there are many paid services out there that can help you out.

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Zoom works better for screensharing if you have to go that route, esp if you check “optimize for video” when sharing your linux screen. With audio set to Pulse it just works for us.

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Wasn’t this all solved with teradici anal @tgentry ?

It just seems ridiculous although not far fetched that on Autodesk’s premiere suite application they don’t have a remote client workflow for linux. I love RGS but will have to look into something that allows the clients to get video/audio from the flame box at the facility to their screens.

Flame on Linux supports NDI, I use it daily.

But yeah I would looooooove some sort of built in client review/session method. Resolve is supposedly getting this next version and I’m very excited to try it out.

Cool, how do you get audio through to a remote computer off the network viewing the stream? Currently if I take make my flame broadcast out via NDI and log into another computer on the network I can see the flame output. But if I want to have someone off the network view it, all they’ll see is video.

So far as I know the built in NDI is really only good for local/VPN uses, not for remote clients. You need a Step 2 to get it out of the local network and out into the world.

It would be amazing if Autodesk would step in and build that in.

I’m not the most technical but here’s what we do at the mill / mpc now -

Use pcoip teradici and teams app on Linux ( not the browser but the app ) - for working from home and less vital Live playback sessions.

For grade sessions and more vital client remote sessions we use clear view - flames are routed to it like u would a monitor - clients log in and view while we chat over teams call.

In the past we did all the above while using RGS- we have just switched to pcoip

Seems like clearview seems to be the recommend at least for live client sessions. Curious how you were having clients log in through RGS before you switched to clearview?

Not the clients on RGS, but the artist at home Remoting onto the machine at work.

The machine at work is routed to clear view and a link from that is shared so client can view.

Client views nothing over RGS it is the software connection to the flame only

ok that makes sense. I remote into my flame via RGS, it’s more of an issue getting video and audio synced back to clients using typical zoom / google / etc.

First as others have mentioned, Linux and NDI is absolutely supported. Currently there’s no Linux monitoring app for NDI, but there is absolutely NDI sending or streaming or output on Linux which is what flame has currently.

Can you, through RGS, hear flame audio? If not, the most common thing is Alsa or whatever your output is from Flame is muted or low in either flame system preferences/audio or when the right clicking the speaker icon in the dock in the Linux OS.

The issue isn’t with RGS. I get perfect video and audio on Linux through RGS. The problem lies in when screen sharing for clients. They won’t get Audio from sharing the Linux screen. What they hear is a delayed audio response from my home speakers back through my PCs connection to the remote screen share. So to sum up, everything works fine when I work on flame remotely through RGS, it’s the clients who suffer when doing a remote session through Google meets,zoom or some other Flavor.

We use Clearview Flex and it’s incredible. Simple to use and the quality is outstanding.

Same here. It should be noted that it is Not Cheap™, though!

So it sounds like audio isn’t being included in the screen share of your Google Meet. Another big no no, which, I think you’ve realized, is to have open mics and speakers. Definitely recommend headphones.

You also seem to have 2 questions. One is how to monitor NDI audio and video at the same time, and the other is how to switch back and forth between your microphone (your voice!) and your Flame video/audio via NDI.

For monitoring NDI audio and video at the same time, I believe its as simple as launching a NDI Studio Monitor application on Windows or the NDI Video Monitor on Mac, available here. NDI Tools | NDI.tv

Here is me monitoring audio and video from Flame via NDI via Windows’ NDI Studio Monitor application.

For the Google Meet, there must be a setting where you can share your screen capture’s sound as well. If not, then I’d install NDI Tools, and use NDI Tools as the “capturer” application that you share with Google Meet.

I can get audio from my flame to my desktop through RGS no issue. I feel like it’s not an elegant solution to just turn up your speakers and have the audio come through into the google meet for client review. Basically they are 3 steps removed from the flame source.

If I output via NDI on flame on linux, how do I get that feed to my computer at home? I can get access to it if I’m on local network where my flame is, but I can’t get it to my windows system at home. In which case if I could I would just share my NDI feed and I think all would be well.

So maybe its because, well, at least 2 years ago, Google Meet doesn’t support sharing audio from a screen share?

If I show a video in google meet thru screen share can the students hear the video? - Google Classroom Community.