Sharing the Flame screen (without the Flame GUI) with several other remote persons


would like to show a Flame-project to two(2) remote “team members” in order to get feedback.

  • in addition we should hear each others voices (using the same tool)

  • it would be cool if a participating member could point to the area of interest with his computer mouse and everyboy could see that.

  • since the remote team members are not computer cracks the setup/solution should not be too complex…

  • the remote persons are using computers with different operating systems

  • i am on macOS Catalina

What solution do you suggest?

Thank’s a lot!


The simplest lo-tech way is to simply talk on something like messenger or what’s app and allow your collaborators to remotely log into your computer with anydesk. I don’t think they will hear audio, or probably not in sync, but you can see their cursors. You can’t show the image without the GUI. Anything that shows just picture will probably need a piece of hardware that taps off the SDI of a broadcast monitor or a graphics card with an SDI output. Options involve complexity and complexity involves cash, so you need to find your comfort zone on that curve.

Zoom. Or Google Chat. Just share your screen on any of those free options. Or pay $1000 a month for Evercast.


Yeah you’re likely going to have to give up on letting other people draw on the screen and just use voice comms to tell you what they want unless you want to start forking out $$$.

Oh and if you don’t wanna share your gooey, just your video out, fire up NDI and download NDI Tools and use your Flame as a virtual webcam in Zoom.


Evercast is very simple, and has on screen markup tools.

You also can stream your broadcast output into some laptop (if with your setup possible) and then screenshare that within zoom from the laptop. During the lockdowns that worked fine.

ftrack review is like frankie advanced btw.

Sync review is awesome but non of those take a live feed.

cinesync is like a synced quicktime player so you have to share media beforhand and frankie and ftrack review are web based.

I usually do this using google meet… joining with my linux box in presenter mode and with my ipad in companion mode… works pretty well… no laserpointing though… Been using Dropbox Replay for that…