Paint 2024

Paint 2024 is excellent. Well done flame team.


Tell me more Jon, is it desktop or batch paint? And damn you for being so up to date!!!

haha - batch paint. really good the update! desktop paint still got problems…

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So is batch paint really different then?

I tried it too! That is a very lovely update… No more need for Python script.

tracking and animating the strokes axis might change my paint workflow and probably replace basic 2D transform in some situations. The good news is also for the consolidate option that has been fixed.
The overlay change is very nice too.

I have to play with the brush preset but I really like the fact that it is remembering my rec clone base position when I’m switching between the brush.

  • Other nice features explained by Jeff on the learning channel…

Well Done :clap: :raised_hands:


I must also say Jeffs videos are really good.


Agreed. The narration is very easy to listen to. Much appreciate his efforts.