Flame freezing!

Today when trying to import from a local server I’ve got this message: “Error: Software caused connection abort”.
No errors on the shell and server according to IT guys, are working properly. It seems to be something wrong with Flame, or not?
Flame is insanely slow here.
I’ve restarted the machine (HP Z840), and it works properly for some time and then starts to slow down and show this error again.
Any ideas?
V 2021.2.1 Centos 7.4

Hey Carlos I know this was a year ago… but I’m experiencing it now on a cloud based flame…did you find a solve?

Hi, Mandy.
No, the R&D and IT guys 'still working on it.
We found that it only happens in a very specific situation.
First, it only occurs when importing files from a Quantum X-Cellis Server.
I have both Nuke and Flame in the same HP machine.
Nuke is installed on a centralized server with a lot of pipeline custom tools.
When I open Nuke, close, and open Flame and try to import a file, the error occurs. And the error is only for QT ProRes, and mp4 files not for image sequence formats such as dpx and exr.
I need to restart the computer to stop this error.
But if I open the vanilla version of Nuke, without any of the custom tools, and then open Flame, I don’t get the error.
So, what causes the problem, resides in our custom Nuke tools. Maybe it’s a permission kind of stuff. Maybe a tool that does some disk writing. We don’t know and still investigating, or “still don’t have enough time to solve the problem, so just do a reboot instead”!
But, as I said, it appears to be something related to permissions. Maybe is related to codec compression, because it happens just on QTs.
Flame shows an error that seems to be something like a “give up” after several attempts.
We’ll soon install RockyLinux and Flame 2023 and see if the error persists.
I’ll talk to you if something new about this issue pops out! … I hope!
All The Best