QTs (Prores any flavor, H264, any video file) checkerboard

Flame 2020 on iMac
Cant upgrade just yet, have a case with AD.

Does anyone know why any QT or video file is checkerboard in the file browser?

Im looking for, but cant seem to find and documentation on why that would be? Does 2020 not support certain types of Prores? Does anyone know if that is online somewhere?
I have all permissions set up.

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Is it possible that Flame doesn’t have permissions to see those folders?

Thing here is that when i installed yesterday I set up all permissions. And then Quinn said to always open flame in terminal as opposed to clicking icon at bottom, (to see errors). So I opened flame in terminal flame -Z and then another permission popped up and that seemed to do the trick. even when I thought I had all permissions set up yesterday. Interesting!

I’ve had the same thing happen to me and my solution was flame didn’t have folder permissions. Just like @randy mentioned earlier.