Flame Screen Record?

Hey all,
What Linux tools are you using to screen record the Flame as you’re working on it? I’m not sure if it’s a built-in Rocky app or something added on later.

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There was an .appimage executable somewhere but couldnt find it… maybe you use command to download and install


I log on to my flame from a mac with anydesk and record the anydesk on the mac with quicktime.

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basically this, I used to do it with TeamViewer, but not since they require an account. Now I do it with RGS, but that is coming to an end.

Same, also using the capture tool the remote client offers, even when working local. Not trusting Anydesk anymore after their security breach last week, but I think every remote tool has the feature. What also works great is using the native phone screen record while being online remote as viewer.