Flame will relaunch with group staff

That’s the message I get when switching between two different projects I’m working on. Flame will crash about 50% of the time when I switch also. I’m on a Mac. Is there a correct group, and can I change the group?

Not sure but I generally exit flame when switching projects. I have lost work several times when just switching between projects


I know they disabled project creation a little while back from the project switching menu, but to this day I still don’t trust it

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Does anybody know what the group function does? @eversondigital it might be worth opening a support ticket.

“Staff” is the default group of users on Mac OS. I assume that message is just some feedback from the script that Flame is using to launch the application. I don’t think it has anything to do with the user in Flame.

@joelosis I just ran into a bug last week that turned off all my "Use Back"s on TL Action FX that I could trigger by switching projects from within the app. I’ve reported it to ADSK, but…yeah. I’m firmly on team quit-and-relaunch to switch projects.

there is a bug i found, that has been verified by Fred, when switching between projects (instead of Quit/Restart) you lose the ability to copy and paste clips between timelines in the same project.