Flush all cached media in a the batch groups desktop or library?

Hi All…and this may be a good one for @Slabrie :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on some heavy CG comps the past few days, and I’ve been caching the multichannel EXRs to help speed up my renders. Well…my stone is filling up. For one of my comps I have 62 iterations and many of the iterations use the same version of the EXRs (it’s been a helluva job!). Is there any way to force the flushing of source media cache for all iterations of a batch group or everything in a desktop or library? I can rt-click on desktops in my library and select flush source media cache, but it doesn’t seem like it’s doing it.



Caches are shared between all instances of your sources so maybe there are other clips outside of your selection still using the cache. That would explain what you see.

That makes sense. Is there a way to flush the cache globally? For example, I have a cached clip that is in 10 iterations of the same batch group. It looks like the only way to flush it completely is for me to open each iteration, select the clips, select Flush SMC, iterate & replace.