For sale, Leica 50mm Summilux 1.4 year 1981

Hey All,

For any camera nerds out there I’m selling my awesome Leica 50mm 1.4 Summilux manufactured in 1981.

This is a black lens with the original reversible lens hood and cap for the hood when reverse mounted on the lens.

Lens is in amazing condition for its age. The hood has a couple minor marks on the edges and a Very very small ding(not on the outer rim).

Glass is great, this is a pre-aspherical design. Used this lens on my M3 and M9.

It’s unique in that this version of the 50mm Summilux is not the short throw focus people know Leica lenses for.
From infinity to 1-meter is a half-turn/180 of the focus ring.
BUT it is buttery smooth!

Very cool lens but I have a 50 1.4 on my Canon and a 35mm Summilux on my Leica so haven’t really used this lens much at all since I got the 35.

PM for more details etc.
Local NYC area sale would be great.