Frame IO integration

Saw an amazing frame io integration into baselight all worked on from the cloud, just seeing if anyone has or done a solution with cloud working and file sharing, currently using dropbox but this looks amazing, honestly skip the first half of the video it gets interesting around 50 min mark, just curious if this is on anyones radar. It seems like shotgun is great for in facility tracking and sharing but we need a cloud based sloution now that everyone is working from home.


Im slowly working my way into this. I want so badly to be the easy collaborating/presentation driven/cloud service us independents really need.

Have you gotten any further wit this @space_monkey?

the only way I work it is have the watch file on Mac OS , similar to dropbox to enable automatic syncing, it would be nice if it was directly implemented but I think its a long shot since it almost competes with shotgun, but is a much nicer cloud based workflow. I have been doing a lot of slack, and that is my preferred way of working remote.