Framestore recovered to USB Drive

So I’ve lost an XFS framestore (Hardware RAID5) but can potentially recover most of the files to an external drive (original XFS RAID was repartitioned but not erased). My system drive is INTACT and all clip libraries are viable. There’s nothing wrong with the Hardware RAID - this repartition was user error. Trying to recover and Archive whatever I can since some of these materials might be needed at a later date.

Would love to hear what people thought of where to go from here. I’ve got some downtime and can spare a week to solve this the best way possible. As I see it, these are my current options… but I’m open to any other suggestions that people recommend:

  1. I’m currently trying to copy all the contents of the XFS volume to a 14TB NTFS USB Drive maintaining folder/file structure. Would it be possible to mount this to the same link as my old stonefs and trick the Flame into using it in place of the original Framestore? The goal here would be to then archive ASAP and start fresh. Is it worth the time to try and salvage this framestore?

  2. After copying everything to USB, wipe the old XFS RAID and repartition it. Then copy everything back and hope Flame sees it as it originally was. Would only do this if option 1 is a no go, but would this work?

  3. Give up on copying the old Framestore. Reformat and setup the XFS RAID as a brand new partion/drive and start rebuilding from the ground up by going through projects that need to be archived, unlinking all soft-imported/cached materials, relinking them them and re-rendering all Flame generated media through Batch/BFX/TFX/History, etc. Obviously this is going to be a tedious manual affair.

Obviously current archives would be an easy solution, but unfortunately that is not an option.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or assistance/suggestions. (Funny Framestore repartitioning stories are also welcome… I know this stuff has happened to the best of us…)


Hi friend I would try option 1+2 from you suggestions.

Since you are not having a hardware error, do a backup as you plan to your external drive.
IT IS possible to mount a perfect clone of your original framestore , to the same folder structure and work.
Use rsync command to transfer your raid framestore to the usb HDD and back. I use it on my mac with the following syntax : rsync -a -v Source Destination
i don’t know if it is exactly the same in linux.

Hope everything works for you!

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Thanks - I actually have to use some data-recovery software to try and restore the original folder/file structure of the framestore XFS since the partition info was erased. I was able to restore some of it and actually use the USB Drive as a framestore. Trying to see if I can recover any more of it or I’ll just start from scratch.

I’m a big fan of rsync, but it wasn’t able to help in this instance since the files and folder structure were no longer visible to the OS.

Btw, add the rsync -avh --progress flag if you want some visual feedback on %complete, speed, etc.

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