Deleting a project

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Is deleting a project within the GUI of Flame only possible after it has been archived before?


Hi @joe99,


There is no relation between deleting projects and archiving projects.

You can delete projects at any times.

Please, let us know if you have any other questions.


Thank’s Yann, found in “Project and User Settings” how to delete a project which is not loaded


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But why does deleting a project not free-up space on the Flamestore (I rebooted Flame)?


Flame is weird like that sometimes. There is a process called VIC, Volume Integrity Check, which essentially cross references the clips it thinks it owns with the clips it actually owns. Running a VIC afterwards typically wakes Flame up to its actual disc usage.

I have not had any issues since switching to 2020. What version are you running?

Thanks for the feedback. On Flame 2021 (macOS Catalina), VIC is located in:

/opt/Autodesk/io/bin/vic -af

But in my case running VIC it does free-up very few space. Probably because I did cache only a few footage during import, because they are stored on an SSD. Free space before: 232.65GB, free space after running vic: 232.63GB

Is there a Recovered Media pr0ject with an abundance of recovered frames? It’s a good idea to delete that one every now and then.