FX Explorer in Batch / BFX

I have some TimeLine FX saved to my Explorer that I want to use in a BFX clip. I see the option to “Show Explorer” - but I don’t see the Explorer anywhere once I’m in BFX or Batch. What am I missing?

2022.1 on Mac 10.15

@davejahns The Show Explorer setting can have separate values depending on where you are in the software. That means that if you enabled it in the Timeline tab it won’t be automatically enabled in Batch FX. You’ll need to enabled it there as well.

I do have it enabled - but I don’t see it! What am I missing here?

Do you have the same problem in a separate Batch FX? Could you try in another project with a new user profile?

Also, can you try to disable Full Height option of the Media Panel?

interesting… creating a new use profile did not solve this, but using another existing one on the system did. Any idea what’s going on with that?

It could be a lot of things and it is almost impossible to debug it on a forum. The only thing I could add is to try to disable Full Height in the Media Panel if you haven’t already. Otherwise I encourage you to contact the support team so they can investigate it with you.

thanks Fred. Disabling Full Height on Media Panel somehow brings up the Explorer on the right side. Very odd, but I’l take it. Thanks!

That then it might have something to do with batch/bfx not able to show full height medialist.

Batch and Batch FX can show the Full Height Media Panel in higher res monitors.

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