Save timeline transitionFX to Explorer

Flame 2022.0 Centos 7.6

I’m prepping for an upcoming project which will need tons of generic transitions throughout, so I want to create and save these to the Explorer as a Series Templates bin.
No problem saving timeline segment FX, but when I drag a transition to the Explorer, it gives the No Entry icon meaning it can’t be dropped in.
If I go old-skool and drag the transition to a folder in Media Library, Flame crashes every time.
Most of the templates I want to save are Sapphire OFX, but the same happens even with a native dissolve. Is it just me!?

perhaps you can bundle the transition into a bfx.

I just tried what you did and no crash on a mac.

Check that you have the latest versions of the ofx plugins

also update to 2022.3 which is the version I’m on.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

@ytf I don’t really want to BatchFX it, as there are going to be thousands and I just want to drag and drop at speed.

@johnag It can’t be OFX version as Flame’s own dissolve does the same. And I can’t upgrade right now as we’re a multi-Flame facility and we have a policy of all-or-none!

I use Explorer all the time for seg FX (I quite like the horse it rode in on :slightly_smiling_face:) but don’t think I’ve ever tried saving a transition in there before so maybe you just can’t?

I know, of course, nothing of what you are doing in the way of details, but there are ways to do bfx’s that work as drag and drops. And I too like the horse it rode in on. I just wish it were a bit better trained. In any event, I am on 2022.1 Centos 8 and can copy a transition to the media panel and drag and drop with no issues.

I just remembered I have 2022.0 on this machine. I did a test and no crash, so maybe the fix is within your reach. Maybe try a new user.

Thanks for your help Tim. I worked it out… I was dragging the transition off from the FX ribbon above the timeline (next to AutoKey), which makes it crash every time - must be a bug. If I drag it off the timeline itself, it allows me to drop it in the media panel.

(Still think it’s weird that you can’t save it in the Explorer, just because it’s a transition.)

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That’s worth reporting to support. Good find!