Gmask presets


I havent used the Gmask presets in a while and I’m trying to work out how to load some of them. At first they didn’t show and that was because I didn’t tick the show all item under the gear button. (took me a while to work that one out!)


Anyway, every-time I load a preset I get a blank screen but am still in the create gmask mode ie I can proceed to draw a mask. What’s the trick in loading a preset?

Same happens in 3d shape and gmask tracer.

Appreciate any help.


You do not need to go to the browser to load presets in the GMask Tracer. Ellipse, Rectangle, and Plane are available from the Node Bin and from the Contextual menus.

In the GMask node you must click on the Load button below MBlur in the GMask interface and then click on the Load GMask button at the bottom left of the Load Setup browser so it changes to import Raw.

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Hi Fred,

I don’t see a load button below the mblur.

I want to be able to use the preset’s in 3d shape gmask. Also want the ability to call up a perfect circle from the preset. Calling up an ellipse and making it a circle is a boring extra step. :slight_smile:

I did switch to raw when I located the presets in action/gmask (star, hexigon etc) but it did not override the drawn gmask I had.

What am I doing wrong

Hi Fred! Can you remind me the Flame hotkey sequence to draw a perfect circle with the gmask tracer ellipse? My fingers can’t quite seem to get there.

ohhhh glory days it’s shift + option + drag
we can all breathe deeply.

You got it.

Shift + Alt/Option will force a perfect circle in the middle of the image.

Shift alone will force the GMask to be drawn in the middle of the image without any constraint on the X&Y axes.