GMask Tracer showing previous Mocha gmasks/axis + mattes appearing black

Hi all,

I’ve been having 2 issues that I think are related to Mocha.

I recently exported a shape in Mocha and loaded the file into my G-mask tracer for the mattes to appear black. The splines are there but the mattes are not. I’ve also noticed that the the nodes appear to be ‘Blend: Add’ rather than the usual ‘Blend: Blend’.

The second issue which I think is related is whenever I pull a new G-mask Tracer node, that same set of g-masks and axis are already there as well.

If anyone could shed some light as to what I’m doing wrong, I would be very grateful

Thank you!


I’ve run into that same issue loading mocha pro masks. My lazy solution is to copy paste everything from the loaded node into a fresh one and then it works.

Hi,I tried that but no success however since, I figured out what the problem was.
The default setup of the node had settings/mattes already loaded. So when I pulled out a new G-mask Tracer node, it would load them automatically.

To stop this, I clicked on my G-mask tracer > node prefs > Object & Maps > Revert to Factory.

That seemed to fix the issue.