Gmask Tracer shortcut open the OUTPUT panel

Hi Guys,

I am struggling to open the outputs separately on the Gmask output tracer. On my mac I used to press Cmd+C. Does anyone know what I am missing?

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Try Shift -C

Not working Shit - C as well… :worried:

Interesting. It works for me, but I have smoke keys.
Edit: and a quick check shows that it is the same in Flame. If you check your Hotkey List, it is named Expand/Collapse nodes. They changed it in the last upgrade or so, I think, because I thought I had been using Cmd+C and with the new version nothing was happening.

yeah man…here it is Alt+c, but nothing happens when I use it. I changed to another shortcut and nothing change. :anguished:

Here’s a long shot @Pedrosantos

In another thread you were talking about controlling another flame using RGS. Is that the case with this problem?

No Randy… This time I am working locally. Not remote. Might be a Linux thing that I don’t know how to sort out. Is there another way of expand and collapse a node? Maybe a button that I don’t know about?
Thanks Randy

Sorted man…I changed the shortcut to Alt+shift+C and it is working now. Thank you for the hand man…

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