Good place to save the Mastertimeline

Hi all

I heard that it’s a good idea to copy the Mastertimeline(displayed as stacks of frames) from the Reel into the Media Panel before making a Flame Archive.

Is it better to drag/drop such a Master to a library (called Master) under the “Root Library”
to a folder (called Master) under the “Default Library” (i renamed it to "Project Library)?

What could be the rerason that I am unable to drag/drop the stack of frames (from one of the Reels) to either a folder or a library in the Media Panel?


PS 1:
This is a shot-based(stills) Timeline-only project
PS 2:
Im still on Flame 2021.2

I don’t think this is a necessary process.

I am hardly ever using a library.

I am on the desktop all the way.

All of my master timelines live on a reel on my desktop

All of my batch groups live on my desktop.


When you use connected conform, it’s crucial to put all into an own library to make sure, all connections are killed. WHen using desktop only and no connected conform it doesn’t mater, it got realy rare that the desktop is cleaned after a crash and you hopefully have it saved in library or archive so you are good.

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