GPU requirements not met

Hi all,

Was trying to setup a low-end Flame station for basic assist work - project setup etc.

The system only has a Nvidia GTX 1650.

Is there a way to bypass this error upon install?

Thanks in advance

Haven’t had to do this myself but setting up DL_NO_CHECK as an environment variable and giving it a value of 1 should bypass GPU requirement check for headless systems.

You can do this in the terminal by entering DL_NO_CHECK=1.

You can check you have set the environment variable by running…


it should return 1

Then install flame using the same terminal window by running


Note: I don’t know if you will be able to run Flame, but this should allow you to at least install it.


You can pick up a P6000 on eBay for around $650. If that doesn’t fit within your budget, re-evaluate your business plan.



Thanks for responding.

As I mentioned this system is only to assist a larger, more powerful system so really won’t even make full use of the GTX 1650 that’s already installed.

I will try [friendlyape]'s suggestion when I get the chance.

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