Groundhog Day desktop

hi flamers,
today I faced a weird issue with flame/flare I’ve not faced before.
no matter what I do, when launch flame/flare always is the same desktop loaded from 2 days ago. like in Groundhog Day. always same desktop. I load something else, quit… and same desktop. remove everything… and same desktop. as I said… Groundhog Day
I could save in libraries though and it respects that, but my rencent desktop wes lost.

if you had similar issue, please let me know.
if not, be aware and save in the libraries before quit.


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Hmm. Is it possible you have multiple workspaces?

not at all randy. I have been working with flame and flare in this porject, but same workspace.

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Weird. Never seen nor heard of that. I’d fire up a support case for sure.

Hiya @Saul, would you please keep us posted with what you find out?

Did you ever get to the bottom of this @Saul?