Make your Flame 45% faster for free, with this one little trick

Switch from the Library tab to Desktop. See this video.


Thanks Alan, i’ll definitely test that when back from vacations.

I love this thread. So delightfully click-baity but with real world results!

Thanks @ALan. If Logik was an old dusty town in the Wild West, Alan would be our sheriff.

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That’s just insane.

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Is this a dual monitor issue, or is it the fact that you have so many shared libraries? I ask because I, with a single monitor and no shared libraries see virtually no difference. The only thing that made a difference for me was if I expanded all my libraries, and it wasn’t a big enough difference for me to say that was a problem conclusively. (Sadly I don’t have time to do the same 5 minute render over and over again for a larger statistical base.)

I have only tested in the particular scenario in which we work.

This problem has been fixed in Flame 2022.2 Update


Thank you. Know I can stop listening to Jesse complain all the time… well at least about this.


Hahhaha! YOU are gonna stop listening to JESSIE complain?


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