Hey people,

I’ve been playing with this for my hobby (flying fpv racing quads) but the recent update makes things quite interesting for us, in some usecases… Have a look:

One could mount a gopro (not a 7) on top of an alexa and use that gyro data for stabilizing… (when synced)

Here’s some more info on it and how to use it: THE DEFINITIVE GYROFLOW TUTORIAL - YouTube

Thought it might be interesting.

Cheers, Ton


I’ve been dreaming of something like this for years. Having a gyroscope stuck on to an Alexa, etc, and the data is embedded in one of the audio channels. Boom: Instant stabilization or camera track.


It’s quite powerful… When I’ve got some time I’ll start pushing it, to see if I can later destabilise it again. Also… While a gopro is useful for syncing (slate) … a cheap betaflight drone flight controller could also do the trick… it’d be interesting to see if it can be slaved to the camera’s TC and record on/off to start/ stop the gyro… but there might be simpler solutions.

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