Hardware advice

Hi guys I have an old computer.I’m going to buy a new mac, but I want to use it too. I’m not good at all with computer hardware. Can you give me some advice to make my computer better. I mainly use flame. Sometimes I can also use 3d software. Especially the unreal engine, blender

Can you recommend a good video card for my configuration?

Thank you in advance.

What kind of work do you do? Commercials? Long form? Episodic? What kind of storage requirements do you have? What are you looking for? Turnkey ease of use or bleeding edge best-in-class performance? What’s your budget? What sized images do you work on? Do you have any physical space/electric/heating/cooling concerns?

Thank you for replying. Storage 8 TB.
After a while I will buy a new machine, but I did not decide for it.
I worked with this machine in feature films and TV series. Working with this machine with 4K exr has become very difficult. How fast will it get if I change the video card? I don’t know if this machine is worth doing something. What kind of card should I buy if the video card speeds up my 4K exr work. I’m not sure if a very expensive video card will speed me up too much. Do you have a few recommendations about the video card?

Thank you very much.

Buy a new machine. It’s 12 years old. A new graphics card doesn’t matter on the Trash Can Macs.

I think I’ll do so Thank you

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