Hardware playback setup for UHD monitoring

Ok so I am running into issues trying to get UHD monitoring to work for me.

Running a M2 Ultra mac studio:

what I need:

Resolve & Flame Output via HDMI & SDI

Nobe Omniscopes input via SDI
OBS input via SDI (optional)

What I have:

AJA IO 4K plus
Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K Mini
Ultrastudio Mini Recorder 3G

Now it seems trivial to get this to work but I am running into a TON of bugs throughout:


4Kmini loop into itself, as reccomended by nobescopes dev.

This leads to flickering issues when no output is set, driving me absolutely crazy
in UHD the output keeps dying/flickering as soon as nobescopes is started.

overall seems to make resolve incredibly buggy.

Use the AJA 4K plus for Flame output and the 4K mini for resolve output.
Then cross the SDIs so aja to bm and bm to aja .

Seems like a great option apart from that nobescopes completely bugs out when I try to run 12G SDI into the AJA box from resolve, like stuttering, crapping out just a mess

Also the AJA 4K plus uses more power than the mac studio. I hate it, its ridicolous, too big and HOT HOT HOT, i could warm my coffee on that thing.

Get a second 4K mini , and just use one for flame and one for resolve just like above with the aja setup just all BM.

Well… Flame crashes with 2 BM cards connected to the system there is no way to choose which card to use for output in flame … so no.

Get a second machine just for scopes with a second bm mini 4K, this seems like the best idea, only downside is that i cant move my mouse over to actually USE nobe scopes, would probably have to setup synergy or some other system , maybe run jumpdesktop to the “scope machine”
Could get away with HD input and some kind of scaler in front of it , but I would rather be able to get UHD scopes as well.

It all seems incredibly complex for such a simple thing… in HD this all worked fine on my intel mac pro with aja and Bm (option2) .

Anyone else has a better idea?

Can you loop out of the monitor for your scopes?

that thing has about 0.1% of the functionallity of nobe :smiley:

yes, but that doesnt change anything, the issue is the input to nobescopes not the output, I have 2 sdi outs from the bm 4K

Sorry misread one of your options. I thought your issue was something else. Good luck

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I dont know about on Mac, I assume the same, but on Linux, Flame can not output Full Range UHD via BMD. In Resolve you can only do 10bit (Full) but not 12bit which is the proper way.

ugh, so the 12bit button in resolve does nothing? eww.

also with the flame stuff… ewww i mean I do have tha aja 4K plus so thats “fine” I guess

In our experience, when setting resolve to UHD 12bit 444 single link, no other equipement accepts that as a valid signal. even other Decklink fail with that signal.

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interesting, but aja works fine? I mean… thats weird maybe thats also a SDI thing? 12bit 444 fullrange should be no issue via HDMI i recon :thinking:

I’ve been told AJA is fine by ADSK. Unknown if the BMD HDMI supports 12bit444 UHD.

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id need something to test signals, NOW iam interested in sone measurement equipment :metal:

Scope box on mac

I dont think it can validate signals the way i would hope? Omniscopes is great - absolutely love it