Has anyone used Silhoutte OFX 2023 in Flare 2024 LINUX?

it is totally broken for me and all we get is black 0x0 inputs within Silhoutte OFX. @Brian.fox

I’ll ping the QA team and see if I can confirm.


It’s working as expected for me in Flame 2023 and 2024. I will need to do more investigation to see if I can replicate your issue. The first thing that came to mind was that you were not using an actual source clip thinking there may be an issue with that. Although, using a Color Source node was fine for me in Flame 2023/2024. If you input an original grained clip, a degrained version and then a degrained composite (this configuration is required for Regrain), do you still have the issue?

Silhoutte OFX also crashes Flame/Flare on exit.

For those that care, this issue is seeming to be a specific to Flare 2024. Strangely enough Flame does NOT seem affected.


It turns out that the Silhouette OFX plug-in had a Flame-specific OFX work-around in the code, so we just changed it to also look for Flare. This change will be included in the Silhouette 2023.0.1 point release due out soon.