Help please - trasition up to cut

fading up to cut - from cut -

whatever I do I cannot change the default behaviour - I’m sure it used to be possible to lock in back in the smoke days - for example, with an element, I would like to have the transition default to fade up to cut and not be inside the element - any ideas?

Preferences>Timeline>Transitions Blue pop-up cycles between Centered, up to cut and after cut.

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Yes. But it’s the default behaviour I want to change.

No matter how I set it in user prefs, the default behaviour is the same which is from cut.

maybe it depends on which side of the transition is highlighted.

EDIT: Hey, you’re right. I guess I never noticed because I like them inside my segments.

You can grab the transition and grab it to whatever location on the clip you want. Maybe this will help.

What you can use is an timeline cut to ‘achieve’ this with 1 click more.
Add a cut in the gap you want the transition to start and create the disolve. With “up to cut” and enough handles setup, the transition will be set from marker to segment. Only issue that way is, you will have a gap cut with the transition start that way and not an open longer one.

These are all great workarounds. Thank you. I think it seems that the behaviour I am looking for is broken. I pretty certain it used to be there in smoke 6. Or 5.