Timelines jumping

Smokers: I had to create a new user today.

Now when I shift J to replace a shot (on desktop), the flame automatically jumps to the next open sequence. How do I switch this off?

Flame 23.3.1

You sure about that Sir Thornton? Something else must be up. You created the user but did you load the user?

I’ve seen a new user created on Mac in which the settings were loaded from another user, but it still made flame hotkeys instead of Smoke Classic. It was very odd.

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It’s some bug. Having the same issue at least once a month for years after switching the user.

You can double check, whether “select next clip” is mapped right, as that is the shortcut happening parallel when replacing.

Yes! I have been experiencing this a lot since the 2023 upgrade. It’s fairly random when it happens, but it’s always when I have multiple timelines open. It freaked me out until I realized that it jumps to the next open timeline. Now it just annoys me quite a bit!


In smoke keys, alt C and alt V do exactly what you are describing. I’ve never had any issues with Linux, but I have seen funky stuff with mac and creating new users

Yep. I know. Definitely not pressing that. Only shift J. It is intermittent.

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I’ve gone from 2021 to 2024 and have experienced this as well. Very weird.

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Same intermittent experience also with Smoke hotkeys. I think in my case it get fixed just by quitting flame and starting it back up again.

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