Hone cinema projector setup

as soneone thats lets say a “home cinema enthusiast” i am struggeling with 1 mayor thing.

Projector setup for watching bluray/Streaming setup.

I understand that anything SDR I watch was mastered for rec709 so 2.4 gamma on a 100NIT peak screen, its not a copy of the dcp that is p3 DCI and gamma 2.6 mastered (which … i would love to have?)

anyhow now whats the setup here, do I just go for 100NIT peak gamma 2.4 on my projector or should I do 48NIT gamma 2.6? Also should I adjust the whitepoint?

and more imporant why would I choose between X or Y ? I just cant find any other conclusion than that Ive got content mastered for TVs so watching it on a projector is allready far off “ideal” aka what the author wanted.

(;I think dolby vision should potentionally be able to fix this by downmapping the hdr master to 48NIt p3)

answering myself on the dolby part:


So yes dolby has thought about this, so now I know exactly when I will buy a new projector …

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What projector are you running? I would suggests visiting the AVSforum and read the thread about that model. Also I highly recommend getting the projector calibrated.
You’ll be surprised how many titles are not properly mastered. Sometimes you need to store a separate calibration.
I run the Sony 285ES but I’m considering upgrading to one of the new laser projectors.

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i have a older Benq… nothing too fancy, i calibrated it with a lutbox, got 2 seperate luts, one movies one for sports… (ive got all the fancy probes and spectros from work :slight_smile:

This is more of a concept issue, like we are never seeign the dcp mastered image at home, no matter how hard we try… this is sad.

So i am waiting for dolby …

I heard that laser projectors are the thing. You can even watch a movie with the lights on (if you have a special screen)

Yea i saw those short throw things, really want to try one in real life.

But then I do have a actual blacked out home cinema, that has no lights, I an going full purist :smiley:

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Full purist? Like a legit theatre experience?

Are you going to invite random people who bust out their phones during the middle of the film and talk during the whole thing and sell chicken tenders for 17 bucks?


No purist as in I want to see/hear what the mastering engineer saw/heard.

If I wanted a legit cinema experience I wouldnt need to spend so much money on stuff :rofl:.

Went to a cinema yesterday and my home cinemas 200€ used speaker system was better than what they had, it was extremely sad.

In Hamburg go to Astor and their biggest room. Rest in town is not worth it (Besides Savoy for classics etc)

is it good? I heard a dolby cinema is supposed to open soon as well.

I havent been to astor, its hard to find Original language screenings except for savoy.

Yes def.
Astor is mixed between OV and translated movies, but I think in Hamburg most are synced there as Savoy is part of their group. Sadly not with the same equipment.

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