Projector for DCI-P3

I might need to offer DCI-P3 Grading in my suite, so I need a projector…

I dont know jack about what projector models are en vouge for grading, looking at something like 80 to 100 inch of projection, obviously need a very nice projection screen with it also , anyone has some recommendation of what to buy right now?

We have a Barco DP-4K-P. P signifies the “post production” model with an expanded color gamut. They don’t make it anymore, and it would be much more than you need for just 80-100 inches. Sony makes a bunch of projectors that accommodate that size range which do 95% DCI-P3 and are true 4k. There are other manufactures that claim 4K but are really HD with pixel shifting (fake 4k). The other thing to be concerned about is most home theater projectors are now laser, which looks different than a Xenon bulb, which is what the vast majority of movie theaters have.

And very preferably, you get a projector with 3 DLP chips. The color wheel stuff is insane.

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thx alan!!!

i guess there is no market for smaller projectors, i res about the xeon vs laser thing … ugh this is more complex than i thought

I agree with Alan, for your sized room, the Sonys are hard to beat for work. The new Laser Projectors are very good. I saw the XW6000ES in a showroom and it looks amazing. The sales person told me that a lot of people go for the JVCs, but they do dynamic tone mapping, that would probably drive you crazy in a color bay.
I imagine there are scores of TV’s that could be calibrated for P3 as well.

yes with tvs i always feel weird because projectors do feel different

I guess xeon vs laser is sinilar to oled vs lcd, they dont look the same either way, thats a tough nut to crack but apparently lots of cinemas here are going laser, but idk. Certanly more in the realm of possibility to buy the 6300 or 7000 sony rather than the barco for size and periphery reasons alone

I believe the laser models will maintain their calibration for way longer than the lamp based ones, and won’t have the regular expense of changing the expensive bulb every 1000 hours or so. I think the sony XW7000 might be too bright for 100” screen, and you’d be running it way below full blast. It may allow you to use an ND filter to lower the black level to improve contrast.
It’s a pity that the XW6000 isn’t available in Europe, as it would probably be plenty bright for your screen.
Also consider a gray screen to maximize the contrast.


definetely interesting, Ill see and poke around my client what kind of level of hardware they expect… one of the hogher end sonys doesnt sound too bad price wise.

About the grey screen, isnt this mainly to reduce spill light so contrast increases? My room is full dark grey matte allready