Copy Libraries and Reels of a current project to a new project


Have to copy Reels and Libraries of a current project to a new project (with different settings, e.g. framerate).

What is the best approach?

Thank you!


Hi Joe99,
if i understand correctly, you can just drug and drop libraries and reels via media hub .
You can navigate from on project to another within mediahub project tab.
So create a new project, go to mediahub, open project tab, navigate to old project, select what you wanna copy and drag them into the new one.

What @Francesco.Bianco said.

But why do you need to do that? Which settings of your project can only be changed by a new one?
In my opinion, only a new framestore is a reason. But then you need to wire all your media.

What @ChrisKasten said.
Do you need to keep both frame rate projects? You can just modify your project in your project settings.

What @PlaceYourBetts said.

And what @Quinn said.
I’ve recently moved a project to a new one as an advice from Autodesk support to get rid of some weird crashes I’ve encountered lately. It solved it. But I can’t tell why…

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Thanks a lot to each of you for the helpful feedback. Have to think over the whole thing :slight_smile:

Unfortunately forgot to mention that the project needs to be renamed too.