How many conform timelines have gone out 8-bit because that's what XMLs default to?

Out of morbid curiosity… Haha…

Resolution from File is the default, and it’s always 8-bit unless you specify. I try to always check, but yeah… See this quite often. If you have waveform scopes up, they’ll always look horizontally “bandy” @ 8bit. I usually just copy all the material into a 10-bit sequence. Just got one today. Considering the compression by the time its broadcast… :man_shrugging: Anyhoo… Flame on!



Would a Reformat be an easy fix?

It’s particularly buggy and will actually try to reformat and process all frames (usually screwing up timeline FX in the process).

If you just copy all in the timeline and paste it into a 10-bit container sequence, it’s instant. You’ll lose your render cache, but it’s foolproof.


Yeah that’s what I do too. I don’t like the idea of the reformat tool rendering stuff. I think the 8bit in the default file comes from the export side of things. ie it’s in the xml file.

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Got burned on this once a few years ago and now just check the ‘Select Resolution’ every time. It’s tedious, but honestly there’s always a chance of mistakes in the offline that I always lookout for. Wish the AAF & XML import option performed more like the EDL Import and you could default it to ‘Resolution From Project’, but until that time, it’s a checklist item.


Yeah. I just do it by default now. I make my handles 0 and set my own resolution.

I can’t remember when it was or what format burnt me but I just didn’t realise until quite late in the game, that all of my masters were 8bit

Yup, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there…

I know about this pitfall and I’m running into it again and again … :smiley:
Has anybody made a feature request yet to make it default to the project resolution instead of the xml file?

Good idea. I just created a feature request for it here:



Yes @mikemadrid ! Same here! I’ve managed to get into that habit and it’s second nature now. That’s my solution too!


Great feature request, voted!

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The other one the I get all the time is my batch render node - it always defaults to 8 bit. I think this is only when you create batch groups,

I could be wrong, but I think your batch render node defaults to your project bit depth.

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Yup, I’m with you! I try to remember to check all the sequence bit depths whenever I inherit a project.

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No it seems to happen to me regardless. About the only thing I’m good at is remembering to set my project bit depth!

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At least Flame manages to keep us on our toes… :confused:

You can specify bit depth in XMLs, but Premiere XMLs are always set to 8.
I can add a fix for this in my XML script.
What should I change it to? 10 / 12 / 16?

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Typically final deliverables are proRes422HQ, which is 10-bit. I’d say that would cover 90% of commercial work… As long as it’s not 8-bit by default, that’d be an improvement.

My vote would be for 10, but we could also add a drop-down giving options for 10, 12, or 16 bit.

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Below is the latest version of our script. Ted and I came to the same conclusion on a few things:

  1. Unfortunately, the dissolve fix will be way too complicated to sort out.

  2. For bit depth, we can’t specify 10/12/16, but if we change it to anything other than the default of value 24 (8 bits per channel), the xml will assume the bit depth of your project.

This will be available in the Logik Portal soon: (46.0 KB)