How to Burn In subtitles

I give up. How does one burn subtitles into a track without exporting.

Or . . . . how do I convert a 23.98 to 29.97 and have the subtitles follow?

We are not on the new subtitle version yet so I’m probably wrong but, does a hard commit not do it?

not in front of the box at the moment but there’s an option in export to burn in or make sidecar files

Export menu far right

I want to do it without exporting.

It is not recommended, as you will no longer be able to use the export and player subtitles specific options, but you can convert a Subtitles Track into a regular video track and use the subtitles as a regular TimelineFX. If you open the context menu of the Subtitle Track, there is a “Copy Subtitles Track above Video Track” option. You can also send back to the Subtitles tracks a regular video track via the “Copy to Subtitles Track” if the track contains only gaps and Subtitles FX.

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I will try that when I get in this morning. Thanks.

I live to do things that are not recommended.