How to correctly texture map a piece of scaled geo?

Hi gang,

I’m trying to build a concrete roof of a garage with a cube.
I’m scaling it down in Y to 10% so it feels like a thin slab.
When I add a diffuse texture it gets scaled vertically as well.
(banded/repeated texture becomes apparent)
How can I avoid this so the texture wraps evenly around the geo?
I tried all the different mapping options on the geo and the diffuse texture in action but no luck…
(currently using UV mapping)
Am I missing something obvious?!

Loving browsing this forum btw, it’s a treasure trove of goodness!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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There’s probably a “correct” answer to this, but in the meantime, does it have to be geo? Can it just be surfaces (over which you have greater individual control, UV-wise) arranged in a boxlike fashion? Or planes, if you prefer.

Edit: or, in super hacky fashion, perhaps a surface/textured plane as a cap on the problem area of your 10% scaled box?

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Good shout thanks @kirk
The camera is moving in 3d space and I was playing with some other geo (rounded edge cube etc).
Probably best to keep it simple!

Triplanar mapping might give you more of what you’re after for a box and the axis parenting your texture maps can be scaled and repo’d as well to scale and repo the textures in UV space.

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I’ve ran into a similar scenario.
I’ve used a 3D Shape to get my geo and there my texture stayed in correct aspect on all sides. But I must not adjust the scale with the parents axis but with the extrude parameters of the shape or the gmask.
It seems that UVs get calculated correct, when scale is adjusted on geo level.

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Using the geo: split fbx might help.

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Awesome, thanks for the tips chaps! @cnoellert @ChrisKasten @johnt