Please upvote CDL and LUT tagging of clips

I made a feature request that would be a big help for long form work. Please upvote!

“It would be amazing if flame had a new viewing rule that could tag a clip with a unique CDL and LUT. This new viewing rule should be customizable for each clip. (It should be available as a relative path to the imported clip).
It would also be great if the viewing rule was available and saved with a batch.
In the batch, if the source clip had a color transform, it would be great if the viewing rule remained persistent. So that a source clip in Log-C, could be input-transformed to ACEScg, and would still be displayed throughout the batch with the inverse transform, then CDL and LUT applied.
The batch viewing rule should then be available to tag the render from that batch.
All of the other viewing rules should still be available.
I’ve made this request to Doug Walker verbally, but I would like to see if we could get some upvotes here.”{8fbadb72-c1b4-44ad-b55e-888e3fdc17e4}&t=0&fti=2&d={1f711fe3-fb7f-461d-b834-d7931377d6ef}


To me sounds like a request for OCIO support.